#EUA – @em_investor

Just a quick post to acknowledge the increasing activity of this prominent twitter account. Many believe it to be run by Dmitry Suschov, the largest shareholder of Eurasia Mining. I don’t wish to speculate too much but he clearly got a thing for hydrogen now!

Question is – is this his next project after EUA ?

Which leads to another question – does it mean the long awaited asset sale is about to conclude ?

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

So he has an interest in Japan and HFC’s – along with an uncanny ability to predict future demand before the markets cotton on, as displayed with his recently updated bio on the EUA website.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but equally unsure what it all means. Adds to the mystery and gives a whole new research topic to get stuck into. I’ll definitely be following his next investment closely and looking to join in if possible…