#EUA – Kola Peninsula Resources

” As announced via RNS of 26 March 2021, Eurasia signed a binding agreement to create a joint venture with Rosgeo in which Eurasia will own a 75% equity stake in nine PGM and battery metals assets (four of which are post Russian Feasibility Study with state approved reserves) with a total of 104.6Moz of Platinum equivalent Russian Code reserves and resources in the immediate vicinity of the Company’s Monchetundra Project in the Kola Peninsula “

So the 9 areas mentioned in recent RNS, where are they, what are they called, more importantly, what do they actually contain ?

Key questions

  • Which of the many areas on Kola is included in the JV ?
  • Is the 104.6Moz Platinum equivalent for PGM only – are base metals separate?
  • How much overlap with the existing 5km exclusivity zone ?
from Eurasia Mining Website
as stolen from researcher Dugdale – map thief strikes again!
as stolen from researcher Dugdale – map thief strikes yet again!

This page will update as the research team on Telegram uncovers more information from Rosgeo, Rosnedra, Tsnigri and other academic papers on the region.

The intention would be to underpin estimates with accurate information and explain where the ~$150bn in-situ resources are located. *prices as of 16.6.21

Now that Wardell Armstrong International are on the case, it shouldn’t be too much longer at time of writing before these numbers are verified. We will need to wait for a JORC report to learn how much is in the proven/probably category instead of inferred, but the size of the area isn’t in dispute now.


Largest PGM deposit in Europe

Palladium325 tons10.4Moz – $28bn
Platinum37 tons1.2Moz – $1.3bn
Nickel570,000 tons$10.4bn
Copper320,000 tons$2.9bn
Total$42.6bn (3.7.21)
39.4Moz Pt Equiv

(using interview with Vladimir Ivanchenko 4.4.21)

Nyud, Moroshkovoe, Terrace, Gabbro and others

Palladiumneeds adding intbc
Platinum needs adding in tbc
Nickel needs adding in tbc
Copper needs adding in tbc
Totalest $19bn (4.4.21)
17.6Moz Pt Equiv

(using interview with Vladimir Ivanchenko 4.4.21)

**** more to follow


Useful links –

https://www.mindat.org/feature-516567.html – for finding papers and locations

http://www.tsnigri.ru/magazine/RM/2021/2021_1_min.pdf – the mining plan for a lot of Rosgeo JV – costs are overstated and using 2019 pricing so needed revising.

https://otr-online.ru/programmy/specproekt-otr-professionalnye-prazdniki/geolog-vladimir-ivanchenko-50071.html interview with Rosgeo head geologist