The biggest Palladium mines in the world

Company20192020ReductionOfficial Updates
Norilsk Nickel3.08Moz222KozQ1 – down 222Koz
Anglo American Platinum (Amplats)1.39Moz285KozApr20 guidance given
~79KozEst based on 50% during shutdown
Impala Platinum (Implats)849Koz + 224Koz (NAP)~107Koz30-40% reduction May & June
Vale250Koz25Koz~10% reduction in Q1 report
Northam150Koz~15KozEstimate based on 10% reduction
ARM (African Rainbow Minerals)110Koz~9KozEstimate based on shutdown
Total Production7.0Moz~6.3Moz-742Koz
Recycling and Other Sources3.41Moz~3.0Moz-370KozEstimate 10-15% reduction
10.4Moz~9.3Moz~ -1.1MozOver 1Moz reduction as of 1.5.20
Total Demand11.5Moz10.9Moz
Structural Deficit1.1Moz~1.6MozTBC – demand forecasts need updating