I believe in investing for good reasons. Will never take a short position, will support companies that are trying to make a difference to the world we live in.

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Starting September 2020, I’m trying to raise money for charity, follow my progress on twitter and on this site.

Currently heavily invested in the following :

Eurasia Mining (#EUA)

Novacyt (#NCYT)

Blue Star Capital (#BLU)

All Asia Asset Capital (#AAA)

Also have another 40 or so stocks in the portfolio, a fair old mix of disasters and soon to be triumphs. I’m also fairly active on Twitter

#Palladium heading above $2600 on Bid today. Suggests the deficit isn’t getting any better in the short/medium term, as widely predicted.
Extra demand for PGM will require extra supplies this decade... ⛏ 💰

2 quotes from #SBI final results attached relevant to #NCYT. Both saying: diversify or die

1) PCRs remain but other test method sales needed

2) Wonky DHSC demand affecting revs

Good job @NovacytGroup are cracking on with LFT dev & diversified over 50% of sales away from DHSC


Looking primed & those in the resource space will know what nickel sulphides mean (majors/funds/geo’s) & so if retail don’t get it then their loss

Hit 3.5p not so long ago & with the co sitting with £3m cash the MCap is too cheap

Molopo Farms - life changing events ahead #POW https://twitter.com/swazersc/status/1381910712142995462

Swazers Charts@SwazersC

@andrew_neal7 https://twitter.com/SwazersC/status/1381910538167459842?s=20

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