I believe in investing for good reasons. Will never take a short position, will support companies that are trying to make a difference to the world we live in.

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Starting September 2020, I’m trying to raise money for charity, follow my progress on twitter and on this site.

Currently heavily invested in the following :

Eurasia Mining (#EUA)

Novacyt (#NCYT)

Blue Star Capital (#BLU)

All Asia Asset Capital (#AAA)

Also have another 40 or so stocks in the portfolio, a fair old mix of disasters and soon to be triumphs. I’m also fairly active on Twitter

#NCYT $alnov a truly global company leading the diagnostic sector from its UK headquarters. 150 countries served now. Impressive video @PrimerdesignLtd a great way to learn about your hard work 👍

Strong afternoon for #EUA as folk take up positions after recent IG mess
⬆️ 17.8% at 28.2p
Looking forward to finding out soon if a non binding acquisition of the whole company has been preferred to the other transaction structures. Either way expecting rewards for all investors

#ARCM #Copper: ‘Global metal prices on fire due to inflation expectations and huge demand for metals like copper as the electric vehicle (EV) project unfolds across globe’ https://www.cnbctv18.com/videos/market/commodities/copper-demand-driven-by-consumer-goods-electronics-us-housing-fastmarkets-archie-hunter-8397981.htm

#BLU #eSports #Mobile
➥2021 is set to be huge for the mobile gaming industry
➥Popular eSport games such as League of Legends have already created smartphone versions and streaming services are also becoming more mobile friendly

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