I believe in investing for good reasons. Will never take a short position, will support companies that are trying to make a difference to the world we live in.

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Starting September 2020, I’m trying to raise money for charity, follow my progress on twitter and on this site.

Currently heavily invested in the following :

Eurasia Mining (#EUA)

Novacyt (#NCYT)

Blue Star Capital (#BLU)

All Asia Asset Capital (#AAA)

Also have another 40 or so stocks in the portfolio, a fair old mix of disasters and soon to be triumphs. I’m also fairly active on Twitter

In case anyone wants to see just how good the @NovacytGroup PCR assay is for Covid, here is @AstraZeneca's own write up of their results of the asymptomatic testing they have done on staff using it (70k done by Feb of which 50k saliva!)

#NCYT #Alnov



Note in the annual report 2020 works included “extensive desktop analyses” of the neighbouring deposits with Rosgeo JV works on these areas have been on going for sometime now by #Eurasiamining the last time we announced desktop analyses wk got a 43% upgrade #EUA #JORC


🇬🇧🇷🇺#EurasiaMining LON:#EUA is progressing plans to create a “GLOBALLY SIGNIFICANT” platinum group metals (#PGMs) and #batterymetals company with partner #Rosgeo. #StocksToBuy #Stocks #mining #platinum #palladium #rhodium #EVs #FCEV https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/eurasia-progresses-russia-pgm-and-battery-metals-jv-2021-06-15

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