#EUA – Kola Subsidiaries CEO

So we knew he was appointed a couple of weeks ago now. An excellent appointment as well, allowing Alexei Boucher to continue his exploration work whilst a true mining professional ties up loose ends at TGK and helps create the mining plan for the JV alongside the work Rosgeo have already done – the work he did for Rosgeo !!

Another smart move from Eurasia in my eyes – best person to help bring the JV into production is the person who explored with Rosgeo and knows the area so well. Doesn’t hurt having solid connections to Rusal who own a chunk of NN of course.

So what has changed in that time ? He is interim CEO of TGK (MT + Flanks) and CEO of YGK (first licence in Rosgeo JV)

* Opinion only – shows plans are fluid. On appointment he was listed as Acting CEO of both TGK and YGK, could be wording or could be someone has now taken pole position on a bid to buy Monchetundra + Flanks and not any of Rosgeo JV for time being. I am convinced we have people coming back to the table for another nibble, said this before and this cements my belief.

Could be nothing more than doing due diligence took some time though. I try to flag opinion vs fact to help those who are hard of understanding.

James goes out of his way to mention WK and Rosgeo JV but not MT – it’s definitely what is being sold.

Note the wording though, ‘on the sites’ – so WK is mining concurrent areas now and making use of the washplants referred to previously

Having a break from the world of investments at moment, but really pleased to see the RNS I was expecting after we found out about Konstantin Firstov appointment. As briefly explained, we have a couple of breadcrumbs in here for the trained eye to spot 👍

They’ve brought another top pro into the team, they got this. Amused me seeing people proclaim this will be months and months away from a divi sale, there is nothing in this to suggest that – they don’t give timelines, just PIs doing that regularly without understanding the complexity of selling the last unconsolidated palladium play…

Will post more thoughts when I assign more time to this kind of activity. In the meantime enjoy the sunshine and the company of good people, life far too short to stress over minutiae and timelines.