Charity Initiative Launch

For a long time now, I’ve tried to be positive with my investments, seeking out companies that are aiming to improve the world.

Now it’s time to take things up a level or two and use my investments for a better purpose. So as we start September 2020, I’m setting aside £5000 into a separate account.

As I buy and sell within this account, I am committing to donating 78% of all profits made to charity.

Initially I will pick a few charities that mean something to the people I care about. The remaining 22% will be used as working capital to boost the account over time and allow for greater donations in future.

I hope to be able to raise £1m for charity and will continue for as long as possible.

If we can do something to help others it just feels the right thing to do. I’ll publish updates as and when appropriate and keep count of totals raised, but won’t reveal specific trades as I don’t wish to influence any other decisions people make about their own trades. #PowerOf78 will be my hashtag for this project when talking about it.

If anyone wants to join me on this quest or has any ideas feel free to get in touch either on twitter or telegram.