#EUA – Rising Palladium pricing

Thought it might be handy to add some extra rows to the current Net Asset Values on Eurasia Mining assets, given the rising trend for Palladium and Platinum.

Also done a first attempt at how the Rosgeo project might be assigned a NAV.

This excludes any inferred value on the joint venture with Rosgeo, and assumes 75% ownership, but should any licences be secured or further details released, would be very happy to update to include more detailed calculations again. It is clear they have more ounces than can be mined in the next 20 years, so would seek guidance from the Company on how best to value this beast of a project.

Monchetundra and West Kytlim

Rosgeo Project

Initial thoughts on Rosgeo are that I would prefer to be working with a Palladium equivalent figure instead of the 104.6Moz. If it works out at 50-60Moz Pd it would be easier to compile alongside Monchetundra, but maybe there is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell type reason they have shown it as platinum equivalent.