#EUA – upcoming EGM

Getting close to the deadline for voting in the Eurasia Mining EGM. I can’t tell you how to vote, but obviously I was in favour as the Board have asked us to support their resolution.

Send a message via Secure Chat if you have it with your broker like HL or Halifax, II offer it on their website if you adjust your settings to allow Auto Actions linked to your account, ring them up if not. Appreciate X-O charge and the Freetrade ones don’t offer it as they are a no frills service.

Seen a lot of speculation over why they want the resolution to pass and there are many valid reasons it would seem. All we know for sure is that is will assist in their negotations as they work towards a binding proposal.

I just feel that regardless of the outcome I like to know I’ve done what I can to support the companies I invest in – it’s a basic right of being a shareholder and a way to have your voice heard. If you don’t vote it negates your commentary to a large extent.

Hopefully they get this over the line and can continue with their strategy to boost shareholder value which has been amazing to see over the last 18 months.

Further details available in the recent EGM rns and on link below :


Sample text for secure message on HL :

Subject EUA EGM

Dear Sir or Madam,

Reference the upcoming EGM for Eurasia Mining, I wish to appoint the Chairman as the proxy for my vote in favour of all motions.

Best Regards,

<insert name>

Obvously change wording if voting against. If not voting, why are you still reading this!

Settings for Halifax, (HSDL)

Anyone unable to vote via live chats but can’t see the option. (thanks to alta traako for this tip)

Go on google chrome, click the 3 dots on the top right, click settings, click privacy & security, click site settings near the bottom, click pop-ups and redirects, toggle the allowed setting to ON.

Then go back to your provider and the live chat should work.

After you submit your vote remember to turn the settings back off to stop pop ups elsewhere!